1. Tweet 1-3 times per day. This is the sweet spot for maximum exposure. With  our service you won't have to worry about flooding the                          Twittersphere with tweets going out every few minutes. The way Twitter's algorithms work, fewer tweets with higher retweet and like                       numbers are more likely to be seen. Less tweets with higher numbers will put a premium on your messages. 

2. Use popular hashtags such as #amwriting #writerslife #ASMG #IARTG #amreading. While you will not need them to hit outstanding numbers        with our service, hashtags can drastically improve interest from potential followers. Use no more than 3 hashtags per tweet. 

3. Tweet images beneath your messages. Tweets with images are 30% more likely to be seen and retweeted.  

4. Tweet early in the morning. While 11:00 am to 1:00 pm Eastern Time is the prime viewing time for Twitter, to maximize exposure it's best to             tweet early so your numbers are building before then. Thus making your tweets more likely to be seen. 

5. Keep retweets to a minimum. While this may seem contradictory, statistics prove that influence is gained by keeping the focus on your own             messages. It is perfectly fine to retweet other accounts just don't let it be the bulk of your timeline. 

6. If you have a book out - DO NOT TWEET IT REPEATEDLY ALL DAY EVERY DAY - tactics like this are likely to get you muted or even unfollowed.

7. Do not send out automated DM's when people follow you. It is widely considered to be the equivalent of SPAM and may cause many to                    regret following you in the first place. 

8. Be yourself! This is a simple but often overlooked necessity to growing your account. 

9. Automated tweets are not your friend. People want to converse with someone REAL. It becomes all to obvious when someone is                               tweeting random writing tips every 5 minutes. Keep your tweets original and authentic and you will add value to your account and your brand       as an author.

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