1. How does your program work? 

               Once you pick the package that works best for you we make sure your tweets reach their target audience by using a process called                              ORGANIC INTEGRATION. This is a revolutionary process that ensures your tweets will get the attention they deserve. 

2. Do you REALLY guarantee results?

                YES! Our program has undergone extensive Beta testing to ensure that we can deliver what our customers expect. 

3. Who is retweeting and liking my tweets? 

                 Other authors and readers just like you! That's why our program is so effective. 

4. I've wasted money with other Twitter services. How is yours different? 

                Our service is not only different and revolutionary, it is FAR SUPERIOR to anything else out there. You don't have to worry about wasting                 money so that a Twitter services can retweet you over their "network". Ever notice how THEY can't even get retweets and likes                                      themselves?  

5. How long does it take to activate my account once I sign up?

                Accounts are activated within 24 hours. 

6. Can I upgrade/downgrade if I choose to?

                Of course! Just use our contact page to email us and we will process your changes ASAP.  Changes will not take place until the end of the                  your billing cycle. We can change them sooner but we currently don't have a way to prorate membership fees so we recommend you                         contact us just before your billing is over. 

7. Do you offer any other services?

                 Not at this time but Facebook and Instagram services are currently in the works. 

8. I don't think my account is getting what I paid for. What do I do?

                 Contact us! Your satisfaction is our one and only priority. We will take whatever measures necessary to ensure you get the exposure you                  deserve. 

9. Do you offer bigger packages?

              Soon! Our service is growing at a rapid pace and soon we will be adding packages that provide even more exposure.

10. Do you offer discounts for those who have multiple Twitter accounts?

                 Not at this time, however, this issue is under review and we are seeing if we can put something together.   y

11. Can my account be rejected for any reason?

              Yes. We do not allow accounts with SPAM, EBAY, ETSY or pornography to be members. All accounts are subject to approval by our staff. 

12. Do you guarantee that I will sell more books using your service?

             NO. Our service is meant to help authors grow their Twitter platform. As many of our bestsellers will tell  you it takes more than                                   retweets to sell books.                 

13. My question isn't answered here. 

                   Contact us and we will answer any questions you have ASAP. 


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